Quality Improvement


Mission Statement:
To promote and support a comprehensive emergency care system in the East Region.

As defined in RCW 70.168.090 (2); WAC 246-976-910; RCW 70.168.050, a regional emergency medical services and trauma care system quality assurance program shall be established by those facilities authorized to provide trauma (cardiac and stroke) care services.

The East Region Quality Assurance and Improvement Committee is committed to optimal clinical care and system performance in the Region as it relates to trauma, cardiac and stroke patients as evidenced by patient outcomes. A multidisciplinary team approach to concurrent and retrospective analysis of care delivery, patient care outcomes and compliance with the requirements of Washington State as per RCW 70.168.090  is the fundamental goal. Benchmark comparison and best practice review will be emphasized.

Meeting Schedule
Date:  Quarterly on the first Thursday of: March, June, September, and December
Time:  2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Location:  Sacred heart Medical Center
Mother Joseph Room

Committee Chair: Chris Mabbot

East Region Quality Assurance and Improvement Plan 2015-2017



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